With the advent of electronic engine controls, we are at the forefront of current technology.

The MD-TICS pumps that ZEXEL uniquely manufactures is a perfect example of technology for the future, especially the current RED 3 and RED 4 governor servo controls.

The latest DENSO twin solenoid pumps are our latest speciality, as we offer immediate on-demand exchange units with a nationwide 1 year warranty on these.

We were proudly selected to service this complex pump and governor arrangement, specifically because of our reputation and technical talent. We have been doing these for over 10 years and have overhauled just under 900 of them since.

We are fully versed in the BOSCH EDC pump for Deere, Mack and Volvo, we and have had tremendous success servicing these products for our customers.

Woodward, Barber Coleman, and United Technologies governor controls are stand alone units that we can service.

The full authority Stanadyne DS, DE, and BOSCH VP series of rotary pumps are a welcome challenge, as are the Cat 3100 series fuel controls. We can handle it all.

In short synopsis, if it controls a diesel engine, we have the full capability to service or offer exchange units to all our customers.

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