We were the very first fuel injection shop in Florida to purchase and properly utilize the ASNU gas injection test bench in 1994. We are still the leaders in South Florida and we are still using it today more than ever. With the advent of the latest E10 alcohol based fuels and E85 blends, reliable gas injector service has become mandatory. Without a doubt, it has proven to save money and engine repairs.

We have reconditioned well over 20,000 injectors since we started this process.

The machine utilizes alternating ultrasound frequencies to back flush the injectors, which then dislodges and removes hard carbon deposits, We will vary the delivery pressures, and volume test each one for a flow balanced set. We can monitor spray patterns and visual anomaly’s.

  • We can also vary the pulse width to duplicate engine acceleration characteristics. Currently, we are able to salvage 98% of the injectors we test.
  • We have adapters to cover over 100 different gas injector configurations, inluding throttle body designs.
  • We have Bosch, Delphi, Rochester, Siemens, Denso, Yamaha, Mazda and Yanmar injectors readily available.
  • We offer bulk parts service kits for overseas shops needing items to service their own customers.
  • We do intricate and demanding flow testing for many auto racing teams, as well as EFI outboard motors.
  • We cannot stress enough how important this service is for outboard EFI and HPDI engines. We have saved many powerheads from failure due to alcohol intrusion and contamination problems.

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