From time to time our customers have the need for the technical assistance on problems with their vehicles or industrial applications. Or perhaps, they just don’t have the manpower or talent for certain jobs. To help that cause, we take pride in solving problems others can’t seem to do. So for that very reason, we take limited appointments for the most challenging problems that arise.

Automobile and truck dealers, as well as many independent garage’s and equipment distributors, have come to rely on us more and more for assistance in troubleshooting and repairs.

Today’s electronic engine control age has resulted in a need for our services for those that have limited access to technical literature and tooling.

We can also install all the performance upgrades we sell, in our own fully equipped facility.

If you have a tow able generator, air compressor, irrigation pump, chipper, or whatever, we can work on it indoors at our facility. Feel free to call us for expert advice. If we don’t have the answer, we will find out who does.

Solving mysteries is our specialty !!

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